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Monday, December 5, 2011

Statistics 1.0 for Oggy's Rezzer

Here is a new plugin for Oggy's Rezzer (version 4.0 or higher) named Statistics 1.0. Now available at Oggy's Scripted Items.

As the name suggests, the job of this plugin is to record statistics about the rezzer : how many times it was touched, how many times each object was rezzed and when.

Collected statistics are gathered into a statistics report that can be scheduled (every xx minutes/hours/days, see options) or on demand (see commands). The plugin communicates either by e-mail (several addresses can be used) and/or by IM/private chat.

Commands you can send to the plugin (email or chat over a private channel) can be used among other things to make an "instant" report, to pause or resume the scheduled reports, to change the time interval between two scheduled reports...

Installation is easy (put the script into the rezzer, reset the rezzer and you're done with reasonable default settings!) and configuration can adjusted by adding a few options to your configuration notecard. Detailed instructions are in the included notecard.

This is but version 1.0 of this plugin, please let me know if you need more features or encounter problems !

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