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Friday, December 16, 2011

Vendor 1.1 for Oggy's Rezzer

Here is another plugin for Oggy's Rezzer version 4.0, one that I wrote on popular demand : Vendor 1.1, now available at Oggy's Scripted Items.

Install this plugin into your rezzer and turn your rezzer into a vending machine. Your customers will be able to get a copy of your objects by paying the rezzer.

To use this plugin, you just have to decide which object is for sale, its price, the delivery method and an optional announce.

Adding one line per sale in the configuration is enough to achieve this, thanks to the new !!VD_sale option, as in the following example :

!!VD_sale=Great Yachts|1000|Great Yacht (boxed)|This great yacht costs L$ %p.
(%p is automatically replaced by the price - more such features exist).

More options allow this plugin to be as secure as possible, like the default «proof» mode. In this mode, the plugin will check if everything is ok in the configuration but will disable effective sales. Instead it will output a list of prices so that you can see if everything is OK. If it is, add the option
to activate the plugin. Sales can then occur.

Other options include the way announces are emitted (whisper/say/shout/none) or the facility to send emails when a sale is made. To use this feature, you will just need the (included) Emailer plugin, coming with detailed instructions too to use the advanced features - but the defaults will do very well.

Moreover, the Vendor 1.1 plugin is cooperates with the Statistics 2.0 plugin to allow the recording and reporting of sales statistics.

As always, feel free to email or IM me if you have any question or feature request, or encounter any problem !

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