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Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Today a new item has made it to Oggy's Scripted Items, meet the (wonderfully-named) OAnim HUD !

As the name suggests this new item is a HUD attachment. Its purpose is to animate any number of avatars from your own HUD without the need to rez pose balls or give animations to them. These animations can be simple poses, or full animations or dances, it does not matter.

This can be very useful if for example you need to take photos and arrange scenes on a land where you do not have permissions, or if you have no-copy or no-trans animations.

Of course there exist numerous HUD attachments that are able to do this. However, here are a few highlights of the OAnim HUD :

  • no configuration at all. Just drop your poses or animations and they become immediately available ;
  • every avatar animated by the OAnimHUD can be assigned their own special animation. No need for all of them to use the same animation of course ;
  • virtually unlimited number of animation slots. A slot is the ability for the HUD to animate one avatar. The OAnimHUD is shipped with 9 pre-installed slots, but you can add more by dropping an extra script named "extra slot". And you can do this multiple times to get even more animation slots! No configuration, drop the script into the HUD and it's ready !
The OAnim HUD is available at Oggy's Scripted Items marketplace store and inworld store right now!