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Saturday, June 16, 2012

ORezzer 5.0

Here it is ! After months of work, I am happy to announce that the all new ORezzer 5.0 is now available at Oggy's Scripted Items.

As you may guess from the name, ORezzer is a new update to my rezzer, which was formerly known as Oggy's Rezzer. Read on for a summary of changes since the last release.

This object's job still is to rez things on demand, when someone selects the menu. It is designed to be very reliable (configuration notecard), customizable (more than 40 options) and extensible (through plugins).

To make a long story short, here are some feature highlights :
  • organization of objects under categories;
  • number of category & objects only limited by memory;
  • notecard-driven configuration to ensure reliability;
  • numerous options to configure every aspect of the rezzer;
  • a plugin system to extend the functionality of the rezzer without overloading the main scripts;
  • localizable (french translation included, please send me yours);
  • modifiable and copyable. The scripts are not modifiable.
A freely available PDF documentation covers every aspect of ORezzer. Please download and read it to make your mind :). And check the free demo rezzer too !

As a summary of changes (see below for the full changelog), let me mention :
  • many "under the hood" changes, leading to overall performance increase. The changes are incompatible with the previous communication scheme so you will have to update your plugins (see below). And rename your "configuration" as ".configuration" :). A full (easy) update procedure is described in the documentation.
  • New features that make adding new objects much simpler : just ask them to report their own names, coordinates and orientations thanks to the new OListener script! The old "Oggy's listener" is still compatible.
  • A new way to automatically compute the coordinates and update your configuration when you are moving your store to a new parcel (or just reorganizing the way the objects should be rezzed).
  • Global reorganization of the menus into a more logical and easy-to-understand hierarchy.
  • Many new  possibilities for plugins, including adding buttons either for the general user or the administrator only.
  • New options, fixes, changes, misc. features here and there...
  • New textures, new less megalomaniac name :)
ORezzer 5.0 is shipped with two plugins :
  • Auto Unrez 2.0 (formerly known as Timed Unrez) allows you to program automatic unrezzing of your objects when either a certain amount of time has elapsed or (new as v2.0) no one is detected around the rezzer in a determined range.
  • Sound Player 2.0 allows you to specify a default or specific sound that is played when an object is rezzed or unrezzed. Version 2.0 also adds an administrator button to temporarily mute and unmute sounds.
Other (separately available) plugin were also updated, as specified in the following table (click image to go to the relevant marketplace page and learn more).

Plugin & linkPriceMain featuresMain changes

RezzerSync 2.0
  • Synchronize multiple rezzers over the whole sim;
  • organize rezzers in "groups";
  • when one rezzes an object, others unrez theirs.
  • Updated the communication scheme for ORezzer 5.0;
  • Added the "RezzerGroup" administrator button.

Statistics 3.0
+Emailer 2.0
L$ 20
  • Collect and report statistics about rezzer usage;
  • send statistics reports by IM and/or email;
  • accept commands by private chat, email or administrator buttons;
  • cooperates with vendor plugin for sales statistics;
  • includes Emailer 2.0 for email functionalities and options.
  • Updated the communication scheme for ORezzer 5.0;
  • improved statistics text reports;
  • added 4 administrator buttons.

Vendor 3.0
+Emailer 2.0
L$ 100
  • Turn your rezzer into a vendor;
  • touch to rez an object, pay the rezzer to buy it;
  • configure sales: object, price, delivery box, announce;
  • notify sales by email;
  • options to fine tune the settings
  • cooperates with Statistics plugin
  • includes Emailer 2.0 for email functionalities and options.
  • Updated the communication scheme for ORezzer 5.0;
  • added a "sales list" button that lists available sales to the general user;
  • added options to support sales list.

Also available is ORezzer 5.0 vendor bundle, which includes :
  • ORezzer 5.0
  • Auto Unrez 2.0
  • Sound Player 2.0
  • Emailer 2.0
  • Statistics 3.0
  • Vendor 3.0.
Normal price: L$ 720. Bundled price: L$ 650.

The rezzer can be seen in live action at Katerina's Attic and Homes. Check out her nice houses !

If you ever need more features do not hesitate to contact me or to comment this post. I consider every request and will gladly implement any reasonable request in future versions or new plugins !

Here is the full changelog (dates may be inaccurate):

Version 5.0 (2012/4/30)
  • many simplifications in the script communication, breaking compatibility with older plugins. All plugins were be rewritten to use the new communication scheme.
  • Renamed "configuration" with ".configuration", "localization" with ".localization" and likewise for Instructions. This will help keep the main scripts/notecard at the top of the rezzer's inventory.
  • Replaced the "old" confighelper plugin with a standard ConfigHelper 5.0 script as integral part of the rezzer.
  • Renamed "Oggy's Rezzer" with the less megalomaniac "ORezzer". I'll tell my therapist about this. Same with the listener script.
  • Global reorganization of the menus, causing less clicks to take an action and more consistency. Plugin user menus and Plugin admin menus are now supported and there can be more than 9 of them as Admin and Extra menus are now fully multipage.
  • Removed options: menu_default, dialog_selectmode, mode_Categories, admin_plugins, dialog_pluginsadmin. They were no longer useful or meaningful.
  • Added options: dialog_extra, label_extra, reportcoords_timeout, admin_GlobOrient, admin_ReportCoords, admin_MovingMode.
  • Added a security delay of 2 seconds at the end of the configuration to allow plugins to add their last buttons.
  • Added a way for plugins to identify themselves and appear (name, version) in the about window.
  • Fixed a minor bug causing the wrong menu being served to a new toucher sometimes.
  • Used some unicode characters to embellish the menus.
  • Plugins are now aware of who is using the menu.
  • Version 4 of the OListener script no longer suicides if owner changes.
  • Reworked mini API from older versions. Broke compatibility with older versions, please let me know if this is a problem for you (a relay plugin can be done...), but I doubt anyone ever used the old API...
  • Added a mechanism so that all rezzer scripts make sure they all have the same version number, and that allows plugins to check their own compatibility.
  • Renamed a few options for consistency : mode_* (where *=Sequence, Random, About, Info, Unrez) all become extra_*. mode_Admin becomes label_Admin.
  • Added option dialog_timeout.
  • Fixed yet another (math) bug with moving mode which suggested a wrong value for rez_globalorientation in some cases.
  • Completely redone default texture.
  • Now picture_facenumber accepts a list of face numbers in addition to special values.
  • Changed the default for option picture_default to something nicer.
  • Updated french translation.
  • Made a demo version of Orezzer.

Version 4.1 (2012/3/10)
  • added option rez_globalorientation.
  • Improved reliability of the code checking for configuration consistency. Some optimizations.
  • Bug fix : several copies of the rezzer no longer share the same channel before resetting.
  • Version 3 of the listener script included, with provision for a config helper.
  • Plugins can now add a button into a dedicated submenu of the administrator menu. Supported by two new options admin_Plugins and dialog_pluginsadmin.
  • Configalyzer now strips chat headers (and timestamps) from the beginning of each configuration line, so as to support pasting configuration from local chat (useful for plugins who give hints about the configuration).
  • Bug fix : some options were not properly reset when resetting the rezzer.

Version 4.0 (2011/11/25) : final 4.0 relase, finally !
  • Updated the documentation, made a box for the plugins, lifted up the textures.

Version 4.0 beta 2 (2011/11/18)
  • Implemented plugins and their options.
  • Replaced the timed unrez script by a plugin version of the same script, taking a few options from the configuration.
  • Added safety measures so that a script never interprets one of its link_messages, thus effectively avoiding infinite loops. Some code optimizations.
  • Putting the rezzer to sleep or resetting it would not unrez previous objects. Fixed.
  • Added the Sound Player 1.0 plugin.
  • Updated and reorganized this documentation a bit. If no bug shows up, this will become the final 4.0 version.

Version 4.0 beta 1 (2011/11/11)
  • Major rewrite and reorganization in an attempt to dramatically reduce the memory consumption and thus the risk of running into stack/heap collision errors. The old script was replaced by three cooperating and specialized scripts, allowing heavier configurations and some modularity to support future enhancements as partial replacement scripts.
  • Other changes include the fact that the localization and configuration are now read simultaneously, while still taking precedence into account, so that options in the configuration always override those in the localization, who themselves override the default values.
  • Some bugs were squished too.

Version 3.2 (2011/5/14)
  • Implemented timed unrez thanks to a new script.
  • Documented the minimalistic link_message API.
  • Option rez_linkedrezzers now defaults to TRUE.

Version 3.1 (2011/4/21)
  • Implemented synchronization of multiple (linked) rezzers through option rez_linkedrezzers.
  • If the "Oggy's listener" script is found in the rezzers inventory, it is deactivated at initialization time. This prevents the rezzer from deleting itself when the sim restarts. New version of the listener script with one more check in this regard (no update required for old objects).

Version 3.0 (2011/2/27)
  • removed the 10 meter limitation and 3-second penalty when unrezzing objects. Both these changes required the replacement of the old "Oggy's pin setter" by a new "Oggy's listener". Please update your objects ! (Sorry for inconvenience).

Version 2.0 (2011/2/14)
  • Implemented compound objects.

Version 1.4 (2011/2/2)
  • Implemented option menu_default.
  • Replaced "rotation" by "orientation" in this documentation.

Version 1.3 (2011/1/30)
  • Implemented relative positions. Should help if someday you move your whole store to a new location.

Version 1.2 (2011/1/29)
  • Corrected a rather serious bug that caused the wrong avatar being listened to when selecting the menu, on some (rare) occasions.

Version 1.1 (2010/12/21)
  • Now the "instructions" admin button gives this instructions notecard and the Oggy's pin setter script, if it can be found in the inventory.

Version 1.0 (2010/12/05)
  • initial version.