Original creations in Second Life by Oggy Fink.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Valentine's Day Dancefloor

Valentine's Day is a great day for couples to celebrate, and also a great day for singles looking for love ! At Oggy's Scripted Items we are proud to announce our new products (drum roll...) the Valentine's Day Dancefloor!

Upon rezzing the Valentine's Day dancefloor will begin detecting people standing (and dancing) on it. If two people are close enough to each other , they will be marked as a couple with rotating hearts flying around them. Others will be considered as singles and will get a "Will You Be My Valentine?" message rotating around them.

What a great way to enjoy this special day!

The dancefloor has two more interesting features:
  • flying hearts randomly moving above the dancefloor and the dancers
  • 4 very nice original Valentine's Day-themed textures alternating on the dancefloor, with a very "flashy" transition.
Every feature is configurable through a very simple yet fully documented configuration notecard : from the color of the flying hearts to the rotation speed and diameters of the couple- and single-rings.

Plus, the floor is resizeable and all objects (as well as the "detection zone") will automatically adapt. You can even equip your dancefloor with a dance system (not included).

The Valentine's Day Dancefloor is now available at Oggy's Scripted Items marketplace store and inworld store. Enjoy!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Visitor Guide 1.3

Today I released an update for my Visitor Guide, which is now in version 1.3. Two new main features are included in this release compared to the previous version 1.1 :

  1. a particular message can now spread over several configuration line thanks to a slight extension of the configuration syntax.
  2. You can select a different scheme to label the "top menu" buttons thanks to a new option.
Other modifications include "under the hood" optimizations.

The first enhancement will help you overcome the fact that SL imposes a limit on individual messages sent by sending the message in several parts, while letting you decide where the message will be broken (like : not in the middle of a word).

The second enhancement will help you replace the automatic "1 - 10", "11 - 20", etc. button labels from the top menu by labels like "Page 1", "Page 2" etc. (the new PREFIXPAGE option lets you customize the "Page" part). This will be useful when you use explicit numbers as labels that might not match the former automatic labeling for the top menu.

The update is available at Oggy's Scripted Items (with the free demo here) and customers from the previous version have already been sent an update.