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Monday, August 19, 2013

Simple Crossfade

Hi people...

I received a request for a script that would be able to crossfade two pictures. This means that when one is gradually fading in (appearing), the other gradually fades out (vanishes).

In SL it requires the use of two linked prims. This script is now available at Oggy's scripted items and, best of all, it's free and full perms. Feel free to use it and modify it for commercial or non commercial products, but do not resell it as is. Of course, due credit, good publicity and donations are appreciated :)

Available parameters concern every aspect of the process : from the identification of the two involved prims and their faces to the "sustain time" (the time during which each prim can be fully visible before fading out again) and the duration and smoothness of the crossfading process.

A demo object is also included.

If you like this script, please spread the word and rate it on the marketplace. Feel free to contact me by IM or email if you have any question or special request.