Original creations in Second Life by Oggy Fink.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

New Year dancefloor

The new year is nearing and it's already time to send your best wishes to friends ! Time to party too, why not use a newly designed dancefloor by Oggy's Scripted Items ?

When you install this New Year dancefloor, you will get :
  • nice mesh digits that move along the sides of the dancefloor : cusomizable size, color and, of course, value ;
  • flashes : periodically, the floor will smoothly change its color and glow, switch among the 3 (+1) predefined textures
  • a HUD that will enable you to trigger a countdown with customizable messages
  • a special texture that gets applied when the countdown reaches 0
Everything is configurable thanks to an easy yet fully documented notecard. Since the floor is modifiable (and copiable too), you can add your own scripts and animations inside it for a dance system. Note however that the digits and scripts are only copiable, not modifiable.

The included special texture says 2015 but it can be changed with but a line in the configuration, and the digits too (just say YEAR=2016 in the configuration!) so you get this dancefloors for all the new years to come. The only limit is year 9999 (email me if this is a problem ^_^).