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Saturday, December 26, 2015

New Year Dancefloor updated for 2016

Just a quick note today to inform that we just updated the "New Year dancefloor" (see description here) with a new texture for 2016 when the count down is done. This is about a new special texture that is displayed when you trigger the countdown with the HUD and the countdown reaches 0. The documentation and sample configuration was updated to.

This texture is another great work by Carisma Alex, many thanks to her.

To our customers who bought the dancefloor last year and would like to use it this year again, no need to buy another copy : just install this values in your configuration notecard :


instead of those values that existed in the 2015 configuration. Assuming you don't want to replace the new 2016 texture with one you designed yoursef of course.

Merry Christmas everyone, and a happy new year 2016 !

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Visitor Guide 1.1

Quick links: Visitor Guide, Free Visitor Guide DEMO

Are you a creator? Do you own an inworld store in Second Life®? Or maybe do you run exhibitions for your photos or your creations?

If so you may sometimes wish for a way to give information to your visitors or customers about what they are currently seeing. Indeed, visitors sometimes tend to "skip" to the next item because they lack information you could give them if only you were there all the time.

Real life museums have solved it by lending an "audio guide" to their visitors. With this device, visitors can press a button corresponding to an item and hear in their headphones some explanation. Sometimes this same information is available in several languages left for the visitor to choose.

Well the Visitor Guide is exactly that for Second Life®. By writing very simple straightforward configuration notecards, you can configure the Visitor Guide to provide the information you want.

You can have as many configuration notecards as you like, the end user will be able to freely select one. Text inside a configuration notecard gets an automatically numbered button in the menus (but you can override this auto numbering with an explicit label) and are automatically organized in pages of 10 buttons.

You can navigate through the menu pages with a "next" button of course, but you can also access a particular page directly for a "top menu" is created as necessary to hold indexes like 1-10, 11-20, etc.

More features include a special code \n to produce a newline in the text, [name] to use the visitor's display name, customizing the menu prompt and the "welcome message" (said when the user activates the configuration), and designating a particular configuration notecard as the "default" configuration (the one active right after the HUD starts).

The HUD itself is full perm, and the scripts only rely on the prim name (not link number) to know which button was clicked. This means you can freely retexture the HUD, and even remove a button or add another prim if you like. The main scripts are copyable and transferable, only a special script is non-transferable for specific reasons explained in the manual. The complete manual is available in English and in French.

7 different skins created by my talented artist friends are provided with the package (see pictures below), and you can of course create your own and use it.

The Visitor Guide is now available at Oggy's scripted items (marketplace store and inworld store). A free demo is available to quickly understand how your customers will see the HUD.

Of course, constructive comments are always welcome and requests considered. Feel free to contact me!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

WearPose 2.0, with unique pose adjustment feature

WearPose System 2.0
After quite a few weeks of development, I am proud to announce the availability of the WearPose System version 2.0, featuring an unique "pose adjustment" facility.

Like the previous versions, this system is aimed at creators and designed to animate an avatar from an attachment while taking care of the object position and orientation.

Compared to an object on which you would "sit" to start a pose or animation, you don't get a "sit target" to precisely position the animation itself with respect to the object.

However, this version 2.0 brings a specific and unique solution to this particular limitation that originates from  the way SL handles attachments : a secondary high-priority simple pose that aims at moving and turning the whole avatar.

Do not worry, you will not have to use an animation-creating program do to this as 50 such animation poses are provided with the product and you can create more from the WearPose System website itself very easily.

All the details are written in the creator manual, and the WearPose System is available from our marketplace store : here, not to forget the free demo here.

Share and enjoy!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

OSI store has moved!

OSI Inworld store
Our inworld store has moved to a bigger, brighter, cooler place :) Here is the new address : Oggy's Scripted Items.

Please pay us a visit and share the link !

Sunday, June 28, 2015

WearPose System 1.1

A new item is now available in our store : the WearPose System version 1.1.

As the name implies, this is a script system designed for creators that allows to animate avatars from an attachment. It has a complete menu system, entirely configurable (including navigation through the menus), a bit like the powerful avSitter (which only deals with objects you can "sit" on).

Animating an avatar from an attachment instead of requiring them to "sit" on an object has the advantage that no rez permission is required where they want to use it. It of course has some drawbacks that are inherent to the attachment system in Second Life®:
  • no couple animations (an avatar cannot sit on an attachment worn by someone else) ;
  • position is done for the attachment with respect to the avatar, whereas systems like avSitter do the opposite (position the avatar with respect to the object) ;
  • the position of the avatar during the pose or animation wholly depends on the animation itself, not the attachment, unfortunately. You can't have an "adjust menu", you have to take care of this in your animation software.
The product also features a plugin system, easy to use thanks to extensive documentation (in English and French). One (full perm) plugin is included already, that makes the attachment disappear and the animation stop when the avatar is walking (or flying).

The complete WearPose system comes with two scripts :
  • WPS-Preparation : will help you verify the configuration and adjust the attachment's placement according to the poses and animations, and generate the required notecard for the Main Script. This script is copiable only.
  • WPS-MainScript : will actually manage the whole menu system and the poses according to what was configured previously. This script is copiable and transferable.
Usage restriction: you may sell the WPS-MainScript script as part of your creation, as long as it is not transferable.

A free demo is available, get it now ! at Oggy's Scripted Items.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

OSI Inworld store now open !

In addition to our marketplace store, we are happy to announce the opening of the all-new OSI inworld store !

Teleport now and you will find there all OSI items, plus vendors for the WomBaby! products (Interactive Belly, Twins and supplements). Thanks to an ORezzer, you will be able to rez and witness some of our objects. Take the time to grab a freebies box too !

Monday, March 30, 2015

Wombaby! Interactive Belly v2

The version 1 of the Wombaby! Interactive Belly has been quite a success over the last months. Hundreds of women have been able to enjoy this virtual pregnancy simulation in Second Life®, with unique highlights like the ability to see the fetus inside their bellies and see it move and interact with the mother, not forgetting the twins !

Now is the time for a major update of this unique product. After months of continued development, we are proud to present the WomBaby! Interactive Belly version 2.0, available right now in « single baby » and « twins » versions, all in 5 languages (English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and Italian) !

Below is the non-exhaustive list of major changes since version 1, most of them were inspired by customer reviews :
  • many enhancements to chat sentences and interactions. Most notably, a mechanism to adapt the sentences to the baby's gender was introduced. This also helps the translations to be correct whether the baby is a boy, a girl, or if his or her gender is unknown yet. For twins, a sentence can have parts that vary depending on a single baby's gender, or on both babies genders at the same time.
  • All chat (except the birth-related messages) can now be private (owner only) thanks to a new configuration option.
  • Partner selection is no longer done by typing his name in a textbox but by selecting him from a menu. No more frustrating typos.
  • Time zones: you can now indicate if you want the birth time to be expressed in SL time or any other timezone. When selecting your timezone, you can define it either by an offset from UTC (Greenwich time) or an official acronym.
  • For casual contractions (not related to baby birth), an extra message is said every 5 contractions to signal that they are normal.
  • Biased randomness so that the same fetus chat sentence can no longer be played twice in a row.
  • When birth time arrives while the mother if offline, she is now given a 10-minute labor time when she comes online. If she is late by more than 48 hours, this no longer results in baby loss (but there will be no 10-minute extra time in this situation).
  • Sound in mother HUD: when a health or rest-related request is in progress, a sound is played in the mother HUD in addition to the indicator bar flashing. This sound will depend on the current alert condition (normal, alert or critical) and can be customized among 18 sound themes. It can of course be deactivated.
  • New buttons in the mother HUD: related to sound selection, a help button and a global health indicator.
  • All supplements (vitamin, medicine, premature birth, abortion, fertile uterus) are now multi-language and automatically detect the Interactive Belly's language.
  • When someone clicks the Interactive Belly and is presented with the list of interactions, a new menu item "Get HUD" will allow him or her to automatically get the Partner HUD.
  • Numerous bug fixes and optimizations, too many to list here.
These new products, along with their supplements, are now available at the WomBaby! Marketplace store and inworld stores.

NB: to be clear, I am not the owner of the WomBaby! line of products, only the scripter. Any inquiries about this product should be addressed to MauMau Dinzel.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Saint Patrick Dance Floor : video

Following my previous post about our new product Saint Patrick Dance Floor, here is a short video showing the item in action. Too short probably (damn Pinnacle Studio bugs!) but still...

Enjoy !

The Saint Patrick Dance Floor is available at Oggy's Scripted Items marketplace store right now!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

ODisplay 1.1

If you ever wanted to have a sign on your land, to say directions, announce an event, caption some art, you are often forced to paint a dedicated texture, pay L$10 to upload it and apply it to your object. And if you want to change it well... just paint another texture and pay again !

There is another solution, here comes ODisplay, available right now at Oggy's Scripted Items marketplace store.

This is a 2-line text board that will display any information you want and that you can set up by using only menus. Just select the line you want to change, select "set text" and type your text in the new dialog !

No need to edit notecards, upload textures or whatever. Everything is menu-driven :

  • text to display on each line (up to 24 characters) ;
  • text color (and opacity) :
    • as one of the 16 predefined colors,
    • custom red,green,blue tint,
    • custom red,green,blue,alpha (tint and opacity) ;
  • text alignment : left, right or centered ;
  • text font :
    • as one of the 15 predefined fonts,
    • as a custom font UUID (3 more are referenced in the documentation),
    • as your own user-created font that you upload yourself ;
  • background texture (defined by its UUID or name) ;
  • background color :
    • 9 predefined colors,
    • custom <red,green,blue> tint ;
  • background alpha (opacity / transparency).
Once you are satisfied with your set up, a special "kill scripts" button will allow you to remove the scripts and turn your ODisplay board into an inert object.

Want more signs ? no problem since ODisplay is provided as a copiable and modifiable object ; have as many as you like on your land, resize them, link them to other objects, add your own scripts...

What more can you want ? Group access ? no problem ! Just set the ODisplay to a given group and only people wearing the tag of that group will have menu access. Set it to no group and only you, the owner, will have access to the menus.

Best of all ? each sign has a land impact of only 4 prim-equivalent !

Do you need more features ? More lines, more characters ? something very specific ? just contact me :

Thursday, February 26, 2015

St Patrick Dancefloor

St Patrick day is coming... Let's have a dedicated party with this new dance floor now available at Oggy's Scripted Items.

So what can you expect from this new product ? Beer of course, dancing leprechauns, drunk leprechauns... oh and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow too !

As usual, configuration is done through a simple easy notecard, and enables you to adjust many settings :
  • rainbow and pot of gold placement : the rainbow smoothly "opens" from one corner of the dance floor to the opposite corner and periodically changes corner ;
  • number of characters : just choose how many characters you want for your dance floor, just make sure you can afford the prims on your land ;
  • flashes : choose how the floor will "flash" (gradually change its color glow etc.) and how often it will. This can of course be deactivated.
The floor is freely resizable and the objects (rainbow, leprechauns...) will automatically adapt to its size, position and orientation !

Note that because of a bug in the current releases of Firestorm and the SL official viewer (see here and here) where objects that go transparent sometimes do not reappear, two versions of the dance floor are included : one fades out and in leprechauns while they move and the other just moves them. 

Alternative viewers like Lumiya are not affected by these bugs and let's just trust LL and the Firestorm team to fix this as soon as possible.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Google App Engine Launcher

Recently I have been developing a web application in python in order to keep track of customer data in an update service. I used the wonderful Google App Engine framework and it does really a great job at providing a powerful and easy to use development environment.

However, I have been pulling my hair about the App Engine launcher that gets installed when you install the SDK on windows: while running my application from a local command line, the graphical user interface insisted on showing my application (added through the "Add existing application..." menu) in red, indicating an error. But which error ?

Today I found out why ! This is all because of an Unicode Byte Order Mark (BOM) in the app.yaml ! I was using the great Notepad++ to edit this essential file for the web application but was not aware that it was encoding it as utf-8 with BOM (which is an invisible mark at the beginning of the file).

Removing this BOM (in Notepad++'s Encoding menu, see image below) worked and now the launcher sees my application when I want to test it locally! Yay... I hope this tip is useful to someone.