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Sunday, March 1, 2015

ODisplay 1.1

If you ever wanted to have a sign on your land, to say directions, announce an event, caption some art, you are often forced to paint a dedicated texture, pay L$10 to upload it and apply it to your object. And if you want to change it well... just paint another texture and pay again !

There is another solution, here comes ODisplay, available right now at Oggy's Scripted Items marketplace store.

This is a 2-line text board that will display any information you want and that you can set up by using only menus. Just select the line you want to change, select "set text" and type your text in the new dialog !

No need to edit notecards, upload textures or whatever. Everything is menu-driven :

  • text to display on each line (up to 24 characters) ;
  • text color (and opacity) :
    • as one of the 16 predefined colors,
    • custom red,green,blue tint,
    • custom red,green,blue,alpha (tint and opacity) ;
  • text alignment : left, right or centered ;
  • text font :
    • as one of the 15 predefined fonts,
    • as a custom font UUID (3 more are referenced in the documentation),
    • as your own user-created font that you upload yourself ;
  • background texture (defined by its UUID or name) ;
  • background color :
    • 9 predefined colors,
    • custom <red,green,blue> tint ;
  • background alpha (opacity / transparency).
Once you are satisfied with your set up, a special "kill scripts" button will allow you to remove the scripts and turn your ODisplay board into an inert object.

Want more signs ? no problem since ODisplay is provided as a copiable and modifiable object ; have as many as you like on your land, resize them, link them to other objects, add your own scripts...

What more can you want ? Group access ? no problem ! Just set the ODisplay to a given group and only people wearing the tag of that group will have menu access. Set it to no group and only you, the owner, will have access to the menus.

Best of all ? each sign has a land impact of only 4 prim-equivalent !

Do you need more features ? More lines, more characters ? something very specific ? just contact me :

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