Original creations in Second Life by Oggy Fink.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Just for the fun, here is a cool video i found on Youtube. Congratulations SL dancers !

Monday, March 7, 2011

Oggy's rezzer version 3.0

New release of Oggy's Rezzer at Oggy's Scripted Items !

Since the last release 1.4 some things have changed, mainly i added the ability to rez multiple objects at once and removed the 10 meters limit for the root prim. You can now rez multiple objects all over the sim at the same time if you really want to. Plus the overall reactivity was greatly enhanced. Neat eh? See below for the full changelog.

As always, since all the configuration is done through a notecard, you can rest assured that your creations will be rezzed exactly where and how you want them.

To see the rezzer in live action, you can visit Katerina's Attic: Homes display platform (where the rezzer is used) and don't forget her mainstore packed with many wonderful creations.

Here is a quick list of highlights :

  • Highly customizable and reliable through a solid configuration notecard. No more config data loss because of sim restart or script reset. The rezzer itself (not the script) is modifiable, so feel free to alter it to match your taste.
  • Rez single objects or compound scenes with no distance limitation within the sim.
  • Organize your creations in categories. Virtually unlimited number of categories or items supported. One object can even belong to several categories. Only minimal preparation needed.
  • Precisely specify the coordinates where you want your objects to appear, and their exact orientation. No more creations disappearing underground or upside down for obscure reasons.
  • Both relative and absolute coordinates systems. If you move your rezzer, the coordinates of rezzed objects will automatically adapt.
  • Display a picture (or something else !) of your object on the rezzer.
  • Fine tune all aspects (including messages and menues) through numerous options.
  • Translate the messages into your language through a special localization notecard.
  • Complete instructions in a (hopefully) clear documentation notecard.
  • Cheap : L$500.

If you ever need more features don't hesitate to contact me or to comment this post. I consider every request and will gladly implement any reasonable request in future versions !

Below is the full changelog of the script. Users of older versions, please contact me for upgrade policy.

  • Version 3.0 (2011/2/27) : removed the 10 meter limitation and 3-second penalty when unrezzing objects. Both these changes required the replacement of the old "Oggy's pin setter" by a new "Oggy's listener". Please update your objects ! (Sorry for inconvenience).
  • Version 2.0 (2011/2/14) : Implemented compound objects.
  • Version 1.4 (2011/2/2) : Implemented option menu_default. Replaced "rotation" by "orientation" in the documentation.
  • Version 1.3 (2011/1/30) : Implemented relative positions. Should help if someday you move your whole store to a new location.
  • Version 1.2 (2011/1/29) : Corrected a rather serious bug that caused the wrong avatar being listened to when selecting the menu, on some (rare) occasions.
  • Version 1.1 (2010/12/21) : now the "instructions" admin button gives this instructions notecard and the Oggy's pin setter script, if it can be found in the inventory.
  • Version 1.0 (2010/12/05) : initial version.