Original creations in Second Life by Oggy Fink.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WomBaby! Interactive Belly Twins!

After the WomBaby! Interactive Belly which has been quite a success, we are happy to announce that the WomBaby! Interactive Belly Twins is out for sale in english and portuguese. French, Spanish and Italian are to follow in the next few weeks.

This is the ultimate way to simulate a pregnancy of twins in Second Life !

All features from the WomBaby! Interactive Belly single baby edition are available in the Twins too, as well as some modifications, most notably the possibility to choose between :

  • 2 boys,
  • 2 girls,
  • 1 boy and 1 girl,
  • random (the system will choose for you and tell you),
  • secret (the system will choose for you and not tell you ^^).
You will be able to choose the babies names and see them develop as pregnancy spans over 1 to 9 weeks. You will be able to interact with your friends and partner, and your babies, and the babies will interact with you too. And sometimes they will even be talking to each other !

You will have to feed, drink and rest to maintain good health levels and hopefully you will have much fun!

And as usual you will get the opportunity to set the fetuses skin tones, decide if they can be seen, shown or hidden in your belly, if they move, how often contractions happen in the last trimester... and have the water bag break during labor too !

Now available in the WomBaby! marketplace store and in the WomBaby! world shop.