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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Theme-O-Matic 1.0

Are you a creator in Second Life®? Do you build objects (furniture, clothes, houses...) and sometimes wish your customers had a simple way to "switch" the appearance of some parts of your object, or activate certain settings like color, texture, glow? Then our new product is for you, here comes... Theme-O-Matic !

This is a system made of a set of scripts which lets you define "themes" for your object. A theme here is a combination of "object properties", "prim properties" and "face properties" which can alter respectively
  • the whole object:
    • Phantom (you can "walk through" the object),
    • Hover text (set the text over the object, its color and opacity),
    • Omega (rotation speed around a fixed axis) ;
  • some (or all) prims of this object:
    • name,
    • description,
    • local position (position with respect to the root prim),
    • local rotation (orientation with respect to the root prim),
    • size (prim size in all three directions X, Y and Z),
    • light (color, intensity, radius, fall off parameters of the light emitted by the prim),
    • slice (by how much the prim is "sliced", as in the editor window),
    • flexible (is it flexible, smoothness, wind, friction, force...),
    • material ;
  • some (or all) faces of prims in the object :
    • texture (the texture itself and all its parameters: repetition, offset, angle...),
    • glow,
    • color (including opacity),
    • fullbright (tells whether the face is always shown in full bright mode whatever the ambient light is)
    • bump shiny (bumpiness and shinyness parameters of this face),
    • TexGen,
    • Alpha mode (tells how the alpha channel of the texture should be used).
Of course, you decide which of these properties are to be recorded, and on which prims or faces. The selection of prims and faces is done through 2 independent filters, which can both be in inclusive mode (you tell which prims or faces to record) or exclusive mode (you tell which prims or faces NOT to record).

The selection of properties and filters is entirely menu-driven (but you can use prim and face numbers if you prefer). Themes themselves are stored into notecards, and can be applied by sending the core script a message from another script called "client" script.

This modular approach enables the Theme-O-Matic to smoothly integrate with your own script system if you have one (or with a third-party script system like the famous avSitter), but 2 standard clients scripts are provided with the Theme-O-Matic system itself:
  • SimpleCycle: every time the object is clicked the "next" theme is applied. Great if you don't want to bother your customers with a full-blown menu;
  • AutoMenu: automatically builds a menu from available themes, and presents this menu to anyone who clicks the object to allow them to select a theme.
Full documentation is available in PDF format both in English and French: just click here!

Do you need more features? Do you have remarks, constructive criticism, requests? Do you want your own personalized client script for the Theme-O-Matic? Just feel free to contact me!

The Theme-O-Matic system is now available at Oggy's Scripted Items marketplace store or inworld store. A demo object is displayed in our inworld store, check it out!