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Sunday, June 28, 2015

WearPose System 1.1

A new item is now available in our store : the WearPose System version 1.1.

As the name implies, this is a script system designed for creators that allows to animate avatars from an attachment. It has a complete menu system, entirely configurable (including navigation through the menus), a bit like the powerful avSitter (which only deals with objects you can "sit" on).

Animating an avatar from an attachment instead of requiring them to "sit" on an object has the advantage that no rez permission is required where they want to use it. It of course has some drawbacks that are inherent to the attachment system in Second Life®:
  • no couple animations (an avatar cannot sit on an attachment worn by someone else) ;
  • position is done for the attachment with respect to the avatar, whereas systems like avSitter do the opposite (position the avatar with respect to the object) ;
  • the position of the avatar during the pose or animation wholly depends on the animation itself, not the attachment, unfortunately. You can't have an "adjust menu", you have to take care of this in your animation software.
The product also features a plugin system, easy to use thanks to extensive documentation (in English and French). One (full perm) plugin is included already, that makes the attachment disappear and the animation stop when the avatar is walking (or flying).

The complete WearPose system comes with two scripts :
  • WPS-Preparation : will help you verify the configuration and adjust the attachment's placement according to the poses and animations, and generate the required notecard for the Main Script. This script is copiable only.
  • WPS-MainScript : will actually manage the whole menu system and the poses according to what was configured previously. This script is copiable and transferable.
Usage restriction: you may sell the WPS-MainScript script as part of your creation, as long as it is not transferable.

A free demo is available, get it now ! at Oggy's Scripted Items.

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