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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Statistics Plugin 2.0

Update !
The Statistics plugin for Oggy's Rezzer 4.0 now comes as version 2.0.

As the previous version, this plugins records some statistics about how the rezzer is used by your visitors and provides commands you can use either by email or by private chat.

However, this version also has some important improvements :
  • Now all email operations (receiving, sending) are done through a separate Emailer plugin (included). Just include it and email functions are active.
  • Now compatible with the Vendor 1.1 plugin or higher. This means that if the Vendor plugin is installed, sales are recorded and reported along with the Rezzer's statistics.
  • Email subject filtering for email commands is now case insensitive, and supports a "Re:" prefix.
  • More than one STA_email option is allowed in the configuration notecard.
  • Some minor bugs were squished.
The reason why email functions were deported to the Emailer  plugin is to prevent the statistics plugin from  suffering from the llEmail() 20 seconds penalty : now only the Emailer plugin is put to sleep during 20 seconds after sending an email, and not the whole statistics plugin. Plus all the email sending and receiving is now centralized and done asynchronously with respect to other plugins, which is A Good Thing®.

Now available at Oggy's scripted items market place store for as cheap as L$20.

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