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Friday, December 30, 2011

Plugin updates

The Vendor, Statistics and Emailer plugins for Oggy's Rezzer all received an update. Here is a summary of changes. Vendor and Statistics are separately available at Oggy's scripted items (Emailer is included in all packages), as well as in the Vendor bundle for Oggy's Rezzer.

Emailer version 1.1 (updates from version 1.0) :
  • New option EML_incomingcopy that forwards all incoming emails to another email address (useful for debugging purposes).
  • All email addresses now get their spurious spaces removed.

Statistics version 2.1 (updates from version 2.0) :
  • Spurious spaces removed from email addresses from the configuration notecard. This will solve problems related to email commands not working because of an extra invisible space at the end of the line.
  • Avatar legacy names now allowed in option STA_allowedtalkers, in addition to user names. This means you can use
    !!STA_allowedtalkers=Oggy Fink
    instead of the still valid

Vendor version 2.1 (updates from version 1.1) :
  • Complete rewrite of the code handling the VD_sale option, causing a dramatic reduction of memory consumption.
  • email addresses now get trimmed off spurious spaces.
  • Default announces supported through a new VD_defaultannounce option.
  • VD_salemsg now supports %n as a placeholder for object name.
I wish a happy new year 2012 to all avatars around the grid !

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