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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Photo Projector 1.1

Here is an update to the Photo projector for sale at Oggy's scripted items.

With this new version 1.1, you can still display a virtually unlimited number of photos with a nice cross fade effect, with many options and menus. Please see the original article to read about the main features.

What's new is mainly the use of the new physics facilities introduced in SL (along with meshes) to make the beam phantom-like (but not really phantom, see the tech note below), as well as the screen when the projector is turned off.

Buyers of version 1.0 should have received version 1.1 as a free update. To update, either toss your photos and configuration notecard from version 1.0 into the new projector. You may also wish to write down your coordinates and orientation from version 1.0 to rez the new version exactly where your old version was.

Tech note : making a child prim phantom was never officially supported within SL (see here). It could be done by exploiting a bug in the server software through a dedicated script, but this might not work anymore some day. I chose to use the new physics engine to achieve the same result as a phantom child, but without hacking :). Just declaring that the prim should not be involved in any collision-type treatment.

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