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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Photo projector 1.0

A new creation is available at Oggy's scripted items : a (nice) photo projector. You can use it whenever you want to display your photographic memories, or to decorate a nice club, or to show off some of your items in your shop...

The displaying of photos is done randomly with an adjustable delay, and switching between two photos is done with a nice crossfade effect. The number of photos you can put into it is virtually unlimited.

This projector has a number of features, among which :
  • A control menu that allows a user (if allowed) to switch the projector on or off, and access to the administrator menu
  • An administrator menu which allows you to adjust the screen size (up to 64 x 64m) and ratio (eg 4/3, 16/9...), the lightbeam length (up to 50m), the beam colors (9 customizable colors and one color-cycling mode)
  • A configuration notecard to set numerous options, like :
    • user policy (open, allow, ban), allowed or banned users,
    • allowed administrators,
    • time each photo lasts on screen,
    • how fast and smooth the crossfade effect is when switching photos,
    • the custom colors for the light beam,
    • how often the lightbeam changes color when in color cycle mode,
    • how fast and smooth the color transition is,
    • default sizes for the screen and the beam.
The projector is copiable and modifiable, the scripts are only copiable. Feel free to ask for enhancements and new features, i'm open to all suggestions and constructive criticism : oggy.fink@gmail.com or send a notecard in world.

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