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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Portal Of Dragons

New at Oggy's Scripted Items for you pyromaniacs is the brand new Portal Of Dragons !

Are you looking for some impressive addition for the entrance of your clan, club, roleplay sim or anything else? Do you like dragons? Do you like fire-breathing roaring dragons? Then this Portal Of Dragons is for you! :)

Rez the portal and witness the mighty beasts guarding the animated flames. As you approach, see your own profile picture appear inside the flames and be asked for the password! Watch your tongue as the dragons will ruthlessly burn you to ashes if you are wrong!

Luckily you did know the password, and now the portal is opening! Watch the magic operate with light and sound!

Did you just want to touch an object or a HUD to open the portal, or maybe trigger it from another object ? Two types of full-perm remote control scripts are provided to do just that, and 4 examples of remote control using them are provided. Everything is documented so that you can interface them with your own objects and scripts.

A scripting API is also included so that you can synchronize your own scripts with the portal when it detects someone, when a password is provided, when it opens etc. Details are inside a dedicated "Scripting" notecard shipped with the portal.

The whole thing is configurable through a very simple configuration notecard to :
  • define the password ;
  • set the channel to listen for the password (may be public chat without causing lag) ;
  • activate or deactivate dragons breathing fire at intruders ;
  • set the detection range for the mirror in flames ;
  • define how long the portal remains open for visitors to cross ;
  • customize the messages : password prompt, "access granted", "access denied", with codes to include the visitor's name inside them ;
  • mute sounds ;
  • define remote control parameters.

Inpiration and artistic direction by Carisma Alex
Building by Carisma Alex and Oggy Fink
Scripting, documentation, packaging by Oggy Fink

This work uses sounds released under a creative commons attribution licence, details are in the "Installation" notecard.

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