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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Theme-O-Matic 1.1

Considering a customer request, I have made a quick update to the Theme-O-Matic system (read the original article about it here) to support two new face properties:

  • Normal map,
  • Specular map.
For those who may legitimately wonder what this is about, here are two pages that explain how you can use these properties to fine-tune the appearance of your objects without overloading their land impact :
Version 1.1 includes these two new properties, so the system is now able to manage 3 object properties, 9 prim properties and 9 face properties. And of course the filter system still allows you to only record the prims and faces you want.

The Theme-O-Matic is now available at our marketplace store as well as our inworld store (check my "picks" to get the latest location). Full PDF documentation is available in English and French here.

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