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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WomBaby! Interactive Belly is out !

Over the last two years, I have been lucky enough to be hired to develop a new set of scripts for a new ambitious project : an "Interactive Belly"... After a long and hard work, this new project has just become reality in the form of the (...drum-rolls...) WomBaby! Interactive Belly !

This new product is available right now from WomBaby marketplace store as well as the in world shop both in English and Portuguese (editions in other languages should be available very soon). It allows you to simulate a pregnancy from the beginning to the end. It has numerous features :

  • initialization phase : selection of pregnancy duration (from 1 to 9 real-life weeks), baby sex (male, female, random or secret), baby and partner name ;
  • fetus evolution actually visible (fetus is either visible, shown through an "invisibility bubble", or hidden) ;
  • fetus moving (movement can be activated or deactivated as an option) ;
  • three skin colors ;
  • health system based on three indicators : hunger, thirst and tiredness. On a regular basis, the belly will start an "alert" about one of these indicators. You will then have a few minutes to comply to this request by selecting an item from the "feed and rest" menu that is then unlocked. Failure to do so induces a degradation of the baby's health according to a fully documented system ;
  • public and couple interactions (different sets of interactions available during each trimester of the pregnancy) involve chat and animations ;
  • interactions can be triggered either by the mother or someone touching the belly or through the provided "partner HUD". In this case, availability is subject to configuration options : anyone, anyone on the "white list" or partner only ;
  • chat triggered by the mother herself through predefined items (depending on the current trimester), involving messages and animations ;
  • chat triggered by the fetus (messages and animations) ;
  • "casual" contractions during the last 3 pregnancy months ;
  • animations, contractions, fetus chat and more can be controlled by options ;
  • at any time you can ask for the expected birth date and how much time remains before it happens ;
  • labour begins two hours before expected birth date (birth date can be slightly adjusted through the configuration options) : long and more frequent contractions, water bag breaking ...
  • When birth happens, the baby announces his size and weight :)
This complete system also contains a Mother HUD which enables an easy access to the 5 main menus, gives contextual information and graphically represents the 3 health indicators as coloured bars. The Partner HUD can be given to anyone : when activated, it will scan nearby for a person wearing an Interactive Belly. If one (or more) is found, then it will be possible to begin an interaction with her if she allows it.

A Nutritional Guide HUD is also provided as a remainder of all the available food, drink, desserts and rest actions available to use when a health alert is triggered, along with their expected effects on the indicators when they are used.

All this has been complemented by a number of "supplements", sold separately as one-use attachments. They all have appropriate animations and messages :
  • WomBaby Vitamin Supplement is to be used when at least one of the health indicators has reached the "alert" level (50), to allow this indicator to go back to 0 ;
  • The WomBaby! Medicine Supplement is used by the mother when at least one of the health indicators reaches the "critical" level (75). All indicators will be set back to 0.
  • The WomBaby Premature Birth allows the mother to trigger birth in advance of the expected date. It is usable only when in the 5th (or later) pregnancy month. When this supplement is activated, labour begins immediately and birth happens 10 minutes later ! Better hurry to hospital !
  • WomBaby! Abortion Supplement is used to stop the pregnancy and not give birth at all.
  • Finally, WomBaby! Fertile Uterus will allow you to reuse the WomBaby! Interactive Belly to have a new baby!
I hope everyone using this product will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed developing it !


  1. Does the Hud provide a baby? Like after birth will there be a baby.

  2. Hello. No it does not, this product only focuses on the pregnancy. Birth happens with a message announcing the baby's gender, weight and size, and parents.

  3. How long until the Sperm stups swimming around the egg?

  4. This is the first step of the animation, it lasts for a total of 1/9th of the total duration pregnancy. For example, if you defined the duration to last a total of 4 weeks, it makes 4*7*24*60/9=4480 minutes=3 days 2 hours and 40 minutes.

    If you understand a bit of Portuguese, you can refer to this page to have the complete table : http://wombabysl.blogspot.fr/2014/02/guia-de-uso-rapido-para-o-usuario.html