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Monday, December 9, 2013

New Christmas Dancefloor

Are you looking for a cool christmas-themed dancefloor for your club or your home ? Then check this new item at Oggy's Scripted Items !
This dancefloor, when rezzed, will :
  • rez a Christmas tree !
  • summon Santa !
  • rez gifts !
  • regularly "flash" and switch textures !
The Christmas tree (6 prims) can be placed anywhere on the dancefloor (and will maintain its position on the floor if the floor is moved or resized). It can also spin at a configurable speed.
Santa (only 1 prim, but a very nice mesh build) and presents (between 1 and 4 prims each) will randomly appear and disappear (in a smooth way) over the dancefloor. The number of gifts is configurable, and the time between each movement of an object is configurable too.
Flashes too are completely configurable. They consist in a smooth change of the glow and color of the dancefloor itself, at a predefined rate. There can be virtually any number of flash definitions (5 are included but it's easy to add or remove one) and the floor will pick randomly among them.
3 original textures are included and will be applied in turn, all great quality creations by my dear friend Carisma Alex !
Configuration happens in a very simple notecard (yet fully documented) included inside the floor. Since the floor is modifiable (and copiable too), you can add your own scripts and animations inside it for a dance system. Note however that the objects (Santa, gifts, christmas tree) and scripts are only copiable, not modifiable.
Also be sure to check our two other dancefloors : The Dragon Dancefloor and The Halloween Dancefloor. More to come !

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