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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ShowHideFade script

My previous ShowHide and ShowHide-multi scripts have had quite a success as freebies, and someone asked me for a version which would fade in and out instead of brutally disappearing.

This new version, called ShowHideFade, is available in my marketplace store - for free. Please rate it and show your appreciation.

In summary, this script makes the object (the whole linkset) in which it is placed disappear or appear  when it "hears" a (customizable) command over a (customizable) private channel. Disappearing and appearing are done gradually, in a configurable way (number of steps and duration of each step) between two (configurable) min & max alpha values.

The delivery folder also includes a control pannel which emits the required order when touched. It is identical to the one shipping with the ShowHide script.

All scripts are full perms, and customization is achieved through a few global variables (documented in the script itself).

As always, remarks, questions, suggestions, constructive criticism and customization inquiries are welcome either by IM, notecard, comment on this blog or e-mail. Donations are appreciated.

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