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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oggy's gate 2

Here is another gate I designed recently. As the previous one, it's black forged iron gate with curvy patterns (see photo). It's available right now at Oggy's scripted items marketplace store.

However, it has one more feature that makes it quite unique : the fact that each of the panes sports one initial you can customize to match your own (or whoever's, for that matter).

To do this you have two options :

  1. use the enclosed HUD, that will just ask you to type the two initials you want in a text box. This is the easiest method but requires that you use a recent viewer that supports text box. The current official viewer does.
  2. In the chat, type :
    /79 INITIAL=A
    /80 INITIAL=B
    This will then set up the gate so that the left pane has an A and the right one has a B. Of course, replace A and B with what you want...

All uppercase letters from A to Z are available, plus 4 symbols : !?&$, all in a beautiful gothic font. Of course, once set you can safely detach your HUD...

WARNING : for technical reasons*, this gate does NOT support linking to another constructions. Do not use this if you can't afford to manually place the two parts (and optional pillar).

*Technical reason : both initials are textured on a prim that is linked to the opening pane. If you link it to a wall or house, what SL does is break the link between the initial and the opening pane, and link them individually to your wall. The gate will continue to open, but the initials will not move.

If you know an easy way around this SL limitation in handling prim trees please let me know.

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